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Scott Walker: Conservative reforms worked wonders in blue Wisconsin

The true test of our reforms is that they are still working — a decade after we enacted them. If common-sense conservative ideas can work in a blue state like Wisconsin, they can work anywhere.

Mandela Barnes: We need to put Wisconsin’s working families first

Wisconsin has always led the nation in building on the promise of tomorrow.

M.D. Kittle: What happened to ‘fix the damn roads,’ Tony?

Wisconsin’s roads still rate an abysmal D+ coming up on three years into Evers’ term, according to the latest national assessment.

Reggie Jackson: My journey to visit Montgomery, Alabama and the history some want us all to forget

Today, seeing how easily people want to ignore our plight, and pretend that these things never happened to Black people, is part of what motivates me to travel to the scene of the crimes.

Gregory Humphrey: Wisconsin can be proud of UW System President Tommy Thompson

After having watched like everyone else in the state how the pandemic has run wild and now morphed into a deadly variant, Thompson is not about to allow those who are partly to blame for the current situation to have full control over the System’s plans.

Dipesh Navsaria: Despite naysayers, smart public policy includes masks, vaccines

However, there’s a disturbing and increasing trend in our society to ask questions with the explicit aim of sowing public doubt, wearing down advocates and creating confusion.

Bruce Murphy: Johnson opposes ventilators, pushes horse medicine

FDA warns against using ivermectin: "You are not a horse."

Jane Swiggum: Make obesity medications available through Medicare

We need to broaden treatment of chronic obesity to prevent serious and costly obesity-related conditions and improve overall health and safety.

John Nichols: Republicans balk on the battle for voting rights

The Party of Lincoln has made itself the party of the new Jim Crow.

Bruce Thompson: Bipartisan consensus backs helping Afghan allies

But Trump, Tiffany, others on far right oppose helping settle Afghans is U.S.

Paul Fanlund: Why Cap Times Idea Fest at UW-Madison will be safe, edifying and fun

Cap Times Idea Fest runs Friday and Saturday, Sept. 17 and 18, in the UW’s Memorial Union.

M.D. Kittle: Kenosha business owners: Rioting should be a crime

The emotional scars also were evident in the testimony Tuesday of Kenosha riot survivors during an Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing on a riot penalty bill that proponents say is long overdue.

Dipesh Navsaria: Despite naysayers, smart public policy includes masks, vaccines

It’s long past time we stop allowing malicious nonsense to live rent-free in not only our heads, but in our public policy.

Jeff Mandell and Victoria Bassetti: Wisconsin deserves leaders focused on the future, not on pushing lies

Our families and communities deserve leaders who are focused on governing, not those distracted by former President Trump’s and his allies’ obsession with undermining an already settled election months later.

Dave Cieslewicz: Well, Tommy?

It’s time to require vaccinations on campus.

Tommy Thompson: Running the UW System is our responsibility

The effort to block the UW System’s authority is both wrong on the law and wrong as a matter of public policy.

Reggie Jackson: My journey to visit Selma, Alabama and the history some want us all to forget

Despite what some say today, when they argue that teaching this history is divisive, I see as being the same as those segregationists in Alabama in the 1960s. They are attempting to keep us “in our place” in the same way the state troopers, Jim Clark and George Wallace did in 1965.

Dan O’Donnell: The lies that burned Kenosha

A year after the devastating Kenosha riots, Gov. Evers and Lt. Gov. Barnes are still peddling the same inflammatory lies about the police shooting that sparked them.

M.D. Kittle: Lawsuit: Racine refuses to turn over election docs

Liberal Mayor Cory Mason, City Clerk Tara Coolidge and other city officials certainly have been slow — very slow — in turning over records from November’s presidential election sought by election integrity groups and state Rep. Janel Brandtjen.

Dave Zweifel: Act 10 continues to drive teachers out of the profession

Normally, roughly 15% of the teacher workforce retires at age 55. In 2012, that number doubled to 30%.

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