Send submissions to [email protected]. ‘The Insiders’ handicap fall races for Senate, Assembly

As Wisconsin heads into the final stretch to the November election, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, handicap each party's chances in races for state Senate and Assembly.

Paul Fanlund: A more charitable take on Donald Trump voters

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman offers a sound take on why Trump’s backers stick with him no matter what. It’s not that they really like him, it’s that they hate people who look down on them and Trump.

Matt Kussow: UW-Foundation President and CEO Mike Knetter speaks on higher education’s future

On the most recent episode of Badgers United’s podcast, The Flagship, President and CEO of the UW-Foundation, Mike Knetter shares the state of UW-Madison’s finances along with what needs to be addressed to solve the current financial problems.

James Wigderson: Supreme Court will hear challenge to Dane County school closure order

Dane County’s private school parents got some relief on Thursday from the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Reggie Jackson: A threat to white truth

How the 1619 Project reignited America’s racial reckoning.

Dan Shafer: Biden vs. Trump and Black Lives Matter in Wisconsin: The September 2020 Marquette Poll breakdown

The post-Kenosha polling shift many expected didn't happen. But a whole lot did. An in-depth look at voters' views on the race for president and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Richard Cherwitz: Trump’s visit to Kenosha was another example of his political exploitation of tragedies

The president’s visit to Kenosha was just one more example of how Trump exploits tragedies for political purposes, using rhetoric to stoke fear and loathing.

Bruce Murphy: Sykes Backs Biden, Bashes Fox News 

Fox and Rush Limbaugh offer an "alternative reality silo," Sykes says. No mention of his own show.

Kylee Zempel: If Kenosha is any indication, Trump will win Wisconsin

Who knows what the 2020 election will bring? But after surveying Kenosha, I'm convinced Trump won't lose Wisconsin. If I were a betting woman, I'd say he won't lose the White House.

John Nichols: How Joe Biden can speak to Kenosha and all the other Kenoshas nationwide

Show up. Listen. Offer an alternative to the chaos, the division, the racism and the xenophobia that Trump peddles.

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