Wisconsin Primary History


Wisconsin again is highlighted on the maps of war rooms manned by the staffs and consultants of Democratic presidential hopefuls.

And the 2020 spring primary will have added importance since it is in a state that will host the national convention and where Democrats are trying to unseat a Republican president who demolished Hillary Clinton’s “blue wall” in 2016.

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Socialism had a big influence on Milwaukee politics

Portrait of Victor Berger in 1905. From the Library of Congress Harris and Ewing Photographs Collection.

Milwaukee, the host city of the DNC Convention in 2020, has a deep history of socialism in its politics.

For more than 60 years, the American socialist movement played a big role in Milwaukee, which counts a congressman and several mayors as prominent socialists.  Rep. Victor Berger in 1910 became the first member of Congress elected on the Socialist Party ticket. And starting with Emil Seidel in 1910, Milwaukee had three Socialist Party mayors.

Milwaukee hosted Socialist Party of America national conventions in 1932 and 1942; nearby Kenosha hosted a party convention in 1938.

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Books about Wisconsin Politics

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