Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) Executive Director Mark D. O’Connell, League of
Wisconsin Municipalities (the League) Executive Director Jerry Deschane, and Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) Executive Director Mike Koles released the following statement regarding recent inaccuracies surrounding AB 369/SB 385:

“WCA, the League, and WTA have been discussing for many months the challenges faced
by local governments due to a delay in the federal government delivering census data to
Wisconsin. Without the census data, local governments are unable to draw local
government district boundaries. As a result of this delay and after considering various
options, local governments are asking the legislature and governor for a delay in the local
redistricting process to 2022.

While not an ideal solution, this approach is supported by local government officials
throughout the state. Unfortunately, some have used this bill as a vehicle to spread
misleading information about the bill’s motives and its origin. This bill was shared with
legislative leadership and the Governor’s office prior to its introduction in an effort to
make this legislation a bipartisan approach to addressing a problem faced by Wisconsin
counties, cities, villages, and towns. It is disturbing that this bill is being used by some to
distract from the real challenge facing Wisconsin local governments in an effort to score
political points. Critics of the legislation are either misinformed or worse, purposefully
misleading others.

The legislation does not change, impact, or affect in any way the state’s congressional or
legislative district lines.

Without this legislation, all 72 Wisconsin counties will be in violation of state law on July
1. Wisconsin local governments have a problem of the federal government’s making. The
legislature and governor need to act favorably on legislation to permit local governments to
properly perform their redistricting obligations.”

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