June 22, 2021

Contact: Philip Shulman ([email protected])


Senator Ron Johnson Refuses to Debate the For the People Act

Madison, Wis. — Today, Senator Ron Johnson refused to even hold a debate on the For the People Act, which would remove barriers that have prevented Wisconsinites from casting their ballots in previous elections. In response, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Party Chair Ben Wikler issued the following statement on Johnson’s self-serving vote:

“The right to vote is paramount to any democracy — a key principle that Ron Johnson clearly does not believe in as he has continuously tried to infringe on this fundamental freedom. Given the opportunity to remove roadblocks for Wisconsinites who simply want to make their voices heard at the ballot box, Johnson has shut down debate and blocked progress. Perhaps Ron Johnson believes his own political career is best served if voting rights for his constituents are curtailed. Democrats will continue to fight for voting rights, regardless of race, place, or political party, and to ensure that Johnson’s rejection of democracy leads to accountability from the very voters he has betrayed.”

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