June 8, 2021

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ICYMI: Wisconsin Leaders Praise Biden, Evers For Economic Recovery at 2021 Wisconsin State Convention


Madison, Wis. –– During the Wisconsin Democrats’ state convention last weekend, leaders from across the state praised President Joe Biden and Governor Tony Evers for their partnership in leading Wisconsin out of this pandemic and shared their support for Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.


The simple reason why? Build Back Better is working. Here’s what they had to say:


Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI): “Whether it’s shots in arms, checks in wallets, businesses reopening, workers being hired at a record pace, students safely returning to the classroom, or simply just grandparents being able to hug their grandchildren again — Democrats are putting people over politics and taking bold steps to write a new, more hopeful, and more progressive chapter in our nation’s history.”


Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D, WI-04): “President Biden saved millions of Americans and small businesses from economic ruin through the American Rescue Plan. Governor Tony Evers and President Joe Biden are our only hope for building and bouncing back.”


Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler: “The American Rescue Plan provided bold relief to Wisconsinites. Governor Tony Evers and President Joe Biden are putting words into action, as they continue to deliver on their promises to build Wisconsin back better. Families across the state are benefiting from their leadership and support.”


Here are some key facts about the Biden-Harris administration’s Build Back Better agenda:


American Rescue Plan:

  • Sends up to $1,400 checks to over 5,185,400 Wisconsinites, benefiting 89% of all adults in the state and 88% of all children in the state
  • Allocates $1.59 billion in relief to Wisconsin K-12 schools
  • Extends the Child Tax Credit to the families of 1,159,000 children, lifting 46,000 Wisconsin children out of poverty
  • Invests $2.68 billion in state fiscal relief and $2.1 billion in local fiscal relief


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American Jobs Plan:

  • Provides money to repair infrastructure, which would allow Wisconsin to improve 198 bridges and 1,949 miles of highway throughout the state
  • Invests in affordable housing, uplifting 327,000 Wisconsin renters
  • Modernizes the care and child care industry, saving the average family $14,800 per year on child care expenses
  • Funds programs to support veterans’ health, supporting the over 363,898 veterans in Wisconsin


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American Families Plan:

  • Invests in affordable education by providing at least two years of free community college to all students, including DREAMers, and increasing the maximum Pell Grant awards by approximately $1,400 to support 88,500 students in Wisconsin
  • Provides access to free, high-quality pre-school to all three and four-year-olds in Wisconsin, increasing enrollment in publicly-funded pre-schools across the state
  • Invests in teacher supply and training to address the 30% decline in new teacher supply
  • Expands access to free school meals to an additional 222,000 students and provides 414,000 students with resources to purchase food over the summer
  • Extends the American Rescue Plan’s Child Tax Credit (CTC), benefiting 1,158,000 children in Wisconsin, including 351,000 children of color, and reducing child poverty in the state by 45 percent

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