The Wisconsin Startup Coalition will continue to work with legislators and advocacy groups to create a $100m Venture Capital Fund of Funds after the Joint Finance Committee voted to remove the Governor’s proposed plan from the State Budget.

“The state of Wisconsin is in excellent fiscal health, now is the time to make long-term, pro-growth investments ensuring Wisconsin’s economy remains vibrant for future generations,” said Taralinda Willis, Co-founder & CEO of Curate and Wisconsin Startup Coalition Board Member.  “We are disappointed by the JFC’s decision to pass on the proposed $100m Venture Capital Fund of Funds, but believe this idea has a life outside of the budget process.”

The Wisconsin Startup Coalition maintains there is bipartisan support from legislative and administrative leadership, who have an interest in developing a Venture Capital Fund of Funds program that will have thoughtful bipartisan oversight, attract new private investment, create jobs and grow wealth in Wisconsin.

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