Yesterday, the President and the bipartisan group of Senators announced a deal on the details of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework – a once-in-generation agreement to make the largest long-term investment in our infrastructure and competitiveness in nearly a century.

President Biden promised to work across the aisle to deliver results for working families, and today’s deal shows we can come together to position American workers, farmers, and businesses to compete and win in the 21s century.

The American people know this will be a game-changer for their lives and our economy, which is why you have seen broad, bipartisan support in numerous polls and a stream of endorsements from the nation’s governors, mayors, business leaders, and major labor unions.

See below for what they are saying:

Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI): “We are moving forward on bipartisan legislation that will create good paying jobs and put America to work rebuilding roads, bridges, water infrastructure, and expand access to affordable and reliable high speed broadband for Wisconsin families, small businesses, and farmers.” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT): “Great news! Our bipartisan infrastructure bill has cleared a major Senate hurdle today, and we’re working hard to get it over the finish line. This bill invests in Montana’s aging infrastructure, creates good-paying jobs, and ensures we can thrive in the 21st century economy.” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Senator John Hickenlooper (D-CO): “Onward! Our bipartisan infrastructure plan is officially on the Senate floor. This bill invests in EVs, clean water, public transit, and much much more!” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE): “I’m optimistic that this will be just the next big step in moving forward President Biden’s bold agenda for our country. We need to get this historic infrastructure bill passed.” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH): “Grateful for the meaningful efforts by every person in this group. The Senate just took a critical step to push our bill forward, which will be a historic investment in U.S. infrastructure. We’ve got more to do, but I know we’ll get there together. Now let’s get to work.” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ): ““For months, I have worked with Republicans and Democrats to secure Arizona priorities in this historic bipartisan infrastructure agreement that will fix our roads and bridges, bring high-speed internet to communities that need it most, and improve western water infrastructure and forest management, making Arizona more resilient to drought and wildfires. Today we are one step closer to bringing Arizona’s economy into the future. This agreement is an important investment in Arizona and our country. I look forward to the continued work to bring this legislation across the finish line.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

Senator Alex Padilla (D-CA): “Today marks a step forward to rebuild our infrastructure. Proud my efforts to strengthen electrical grids, electrify school buses & ensure access to clean water are part of this deal. Our work continues—now, we must invest in immigration, bold climate action & the care economy.” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM): A BFD, as @POTUS would say. This means millions of good-paying jobs for Americans and a step in the right direction on climate.” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV): “I voted tonight to bring the Senate one step closer to passing a critically important infrastructure package. I was proud to be part of the group that negotiated key parts of this bipartisan bill to invest in our communities and create jobs.” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Governor Kate Brown (D-OR): “Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. The Biden-Harris administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will build on the work we’ve done here in Oregon to increase EV access by making the largest investment in EV infrastructure in our country’s history.” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Governor Phil Scott (R-VT): “This is great news and I hope Congress moves quickly to pass this bipartisan infrastructure package, which will help create good paying jobs, make the U.S. more competitive and modernize our aging infrastructure.” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Governor Ned Lamont (D-CT): “@POTUS promised to bring folks together and #BuildBackBetter. Today, he delivered. The sorely needed, bipartisan infrastructure deal is huge for CT & the nation — think faster railways & safer roads.I commend POTUS & DC lawmakers for making it happen.” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD): “I want to thank @SenRobPortman, @SenBillCassidy, and others for finding a bipartisan path forward, and I urge the Senate to swiftly pass this historic agreement. No more delays. The time to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure is now.” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Governor JB Pritzker (D-IL): “I’m excited a deal was reached to make a sorely needed investment in our nation’s infrastructure. This will drive economic growth and create millions of good-paying jobs. Illinois stands ready to put these dollars to work right away. #BuildBackBetter” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

US Conference of Mayors President Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley: “This agreement shows what mayors have long proven: bipartisanship is still possible. By leaving politics aside, lawmakers were able to put America’s interests first and now have an opportunity to make a lasting mark on American cities. Mayors know that simply going back to the old normal is not good enough. We need to build an economy that is more sustainable, reliable, and just. Federal investment in America’s infrastructure has lagged woefully behind for years, but this plan will help us spring forward, create good jobs, and allow communities to flourish. We urge the Senate and House to work together to quickly send a final bill to the president for his signature.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

National Association of Counties: “Counties play a major role in maintaining critical infrastructure. We own 44 percent of the nation’s road miles and nearly 40 percent of all bridges. We are also involved in the vast majority of public transportation systems and a third of all public airports. Beyond transportation, counties are responsible for the operation of local water systems, broadband deployment and ensuring the safety and resiliency of our local communities. Counties appreciate increases in flexible grant programs, the creation of a new bridge investment program and meaningful commitments to transportation safety. Additionally, raising the cap on Private Activity Bonds will facilitate the construction of infrastructure projects that will enhance the quality of life for many residents. We are also pleased to see historic investments in high-speed internet, as counties advance efforts to expand access to affordable broadband in every corner of the country. America’s counties are ready to work with our bipartisan congressional partners and the Biden-Harris administration to pass this much-needed legislation.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz (D-CT): “At long last, it’s infrastructure week. This bipartisan deal will: – transform our rail system 🚅 – modernize our public utilities 🚰⚡️ – repair and improve our roads and bridges 🚗🚌🚴‍♂️🛣 This is a big day for Connecticut thanks to @POTUS and @VP’s leadership! #BuildBackBetter” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Ohio Mayors Alliance: “This is another hugely significant step forward for the bipartisan infrastructure deal. These investments will create good-paying jobs now and improve our infrastructure for the next generation. Thank you ⁦@senrobportman⁩ for your leadership!” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor LaToya Cantrell, New Orleans: “Thank you to @POTUS, @SenBillCassidy and all involved in getting the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal one step closer to passage. #WeHaveADeal 🔗Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal:” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor Kate Gallego, Phoenix: “We know how transformational this infrastructure investment will be for our nation. It is the right plan at the right time. Let’s get it done.” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Mayor Todd Gloria, San Diego: “Positive development coming out of Washington today! These federal infrastructure investments will have positive impacts locally and across the country. I look forward to seeing Congress get this across the finish line. #ForAllofUs” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia: “Thank you, @POTUS for working across the aisle to deliver results for working families. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will grow the economy, create good-paying union jobs, enhance our competitiveness, and make our economy more sustainable, resilient, and just.” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor Buddy Dyer, Orlando: “This is great news for communities around the country. The bipartisan infrastructure framework will help fast-growing cities like Orlando keep up with the expanding demands on our infrastructure.” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Mayor TJ Crowley, Morrisville: “This infrastructure package is critical to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in @Morrisville_NC.  We implore our federal representatives to keep this moving towards passage. #LiveConnectedLiveWell” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Mayor Andy Schor, Lansing: “The passing of this Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is a long overdue investment in our nation’s infrastructure. I look forward to the benefits it will bring to @lansingmichigan!”[Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor Tim Kelly, Chattanooga: “Investing in our nation’s infrastructure shouldn’t be a partisan issue. This once-in-a-generation opportunity to overhaul our aging infrastructure could take Chattanooga to the next level. Read my letter in support of the Bipartisan Infrastructure” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Denver: “Great news for cities like Denver. This historic deal: ➡️Makes the largest federal investment in public transit ➡️Ensures every American has access to reliable high-speed internet ➡️Makes the largest investment in clean energy transmission and EV infrastructure in history” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter, San Leandro: “It’s a historic day for San Leandro and our nation. The bipartisan infrastructure deal will empower us to grow the economy, create good jobs, enhance our competitiveness and make our economy more sustainable, resilient, and just. Thank you @POTUS @CitySanLeandro” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor Martha Guerrero, West Sacramento: “Thank you @POTUS, Majority Leader @SenSchumer and @SpeakerPelosi on today’s progress towards a federal #infrastructure package.” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

Mayor Adrian Perkins, Shreveport: “A bipartisan deal has been reached in a once-in-a-generation investment in our #infrastructure. Thank you @POTUS and @BillCassidy for taking an important step forward in making our economy more resilient for all Americans.” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor David Holt, Oklahoma City: “Republicans & Democrats are working together to move core infrastructure forward in the Senate, and America’s bipartisan Mayors are grateful! There is no doubt lots of work ahead, but love to see the Republic working functionally to address the needs of Oklahoma City’s residents.” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Mayor Greg Fischer, Louisville: “A bipartisan deal on an infrastructure bill is great news. This would allow our city & nation to address critical needs, and prime our economy for a strong, equitable future. I applaud @POTUS & urge Congress to continue this momentum. Communities need this!” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-CA): “Looks like it may finally be infrastructure week in Washington DC! Congratulations to @POTUS, Majority Leader @SenSchumer and @SpeakerPelosi on getting one step closer towards a federal #infrastructure package that would be great for California and the whole country.” [Tweet, 7/29/21]

San Diego State Senator Reynold Nesiba “The historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will make the most significant long-term investment in our infrastructure and competitiveness in nearly a century, and without raising taxes on people making less than $400,000 a year. #BuildBackBetter” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Jack Howard: “We applaud the bipartisan group of Senators – led by Senators Portman and Sinema – who worked tirelessly to achieve agreement on this much needed infrastructure proposal. The investment included in this agreement will provide enormous benefits for the American people and the economy. Our nation has been waiting for infrastructure modernization for over a decade, and this is a critical step in the process. We now urge the full Senate to vote yes on the cloture motion to proceed to consideration so infrastructure legislation can be approved before the August recess.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

Center for American Progress founder and chair John Podesta: “The bipartisan infrastructure deal is a significant achievement for President Joe Biden and Democratic senators who did the painstaking work to reach across the aisle, against all odds, after years of scorched earth partisan politics from President Donald Trump. It would address one of the many core challenges that has held back American economic growth for decades, creating hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, especially for those Americans who have often been left behind in today’s economy.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

Business Roundtable President & CEO Joshua Bolten: “Business Roundtable applauds the bipartisan group of Senators and the White House for their leadership on and commitment to reaching an agreement on how to proceed in crafting a bill both sides of the aisle can support—a critical step toward unleashing historic investment in our nation’s physical infrastructure. We look forward to reviewing the details of the deal reached today and call on the Senate to invoke cloture this evening and build on this momentum by passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill in August.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

Small Business for America’s Future (SBAF) Senior Advisor Rhett Buttle: “Today’s introduction of a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package is a significant milestone in the effort to secure historic investments for small business owners across the country. The proposed legislation will help provide needed resources for Main Street businesses still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Small business owners are in agreement: Infrastructure investment at this scope and scale is necessary for a thriving Main Street. In Small Business for America’s Future’s recent national survey of small business owners, 80% support the American Jobs Plan and 72% say the infrastructure investments it represents will help small businesses. As the Senate prepares to open debate on bipartisan infrastructure legislation, Small Business for America’s Future will use its national network of small business owners and leaders to build support for the legislation. Passing the legislation will be an important step but we also encourage policymakers to keep focusing on investing in human infrastructure like childcare, paid leave, and a social safety net that ensures a healthy and strong workforce. Small business owners are the backbone of the nation’s economy, driving economic growth and job creation, and these kinds of investments are essential in helping Main Street business owners get back on their feet. We strongly urge lawmakers to endorse the infrastructure bill and come together to make this happen.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President & CEO Jay Timmons: “This is history in the making, and manufacturers celebrate the leadership of the bipartisan group of senators who, along with President Biden and his administration, got us to this moment. We will continue to work with leaders in both parties to get a final bill passed by Congress and on to President Biden’s desk. For many years and across multiple administrations and Congresses, the NAM has led the charge for bold, historic infrastructure investment. We’re not done yet, but we’re closer than ever. This bill will not just support our economic recovery; it will provide the foundation for decades of American economic leadership. It will save lives and improve the American quality of life. It will help manufacturers in America compete in the world and create jobs here at home. And it will do all that without rolling back all the tax reforms that have allowed manufacturers to hire more workers, raise wages and benefits and invest in our communities. This is truly how we build to win. Manufacturers of all sizes, across this entire country, now call on the Senate and then the House to swiftly pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill—to show the world we plan to lead in the 21st century and into the 22nd and to show the American people that our government can still do great things.”

National Retail Federation President and CEO Matthew Shay: “NRF is encouraged by tonight’s quick and decisive action in the Senate to invoke cloture on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, clearing the path for a full Senate vote. Once passed, this historic piece of legislation will serve to revitalize and invigorate the U.S. infrastructure system that so many businesses depend on. Retailers across the country rely on the American supply chain, and the millions of jobs it supports, to move billions of dollars’ worth of goods and products to consumers across the nation each day. An improved system will help alleviate many of the ongoing supply chain challenges that retailers continue to face today. We strongly support this deal and its investment in core infrastructure, including roads, bridges and ports that are critical to our nation’s supply chain and global competitiveness. We look forward to swift passage in the Senate and encourage the House to follow suit.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

National Air Carrier Association President and CEO George Novak: “NACA commends the Biden Administration and Congress for their leadership in developing today’s bipartisan infrastructure legislation. This historic bill includes $20 billion to upgrade our nation’s airports – including necessary terminal, runway and access enhancements – to meet increasing air travel demand, bolster the economic recovery, and improve the passenger experience without increasing taxes and fees. It also includes $5 billion to upgrade existing FAA air traffic control facilities, which will improve the safety and efficiency of the National Airspace System. We urge Congress to continue working on a bipartisan basis to swiftly enact this critical legislation.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association Director of Government Relations & Wireless Industry Network Todd Washam: “NATE welcomes the bipartisan infrastructure agreement that has been reached between Senators and President Biden, which provides an unprecedented $65 billion in funding for broadband deployment. The Association is also pleased that the agreement includes provisions for wireless firms to be eligible for deployment funding. This historic investment will help fulfill one of NATE’s priorities, closing the digital divide, while delivering reliable Internet and communications services to rural, unserved and underserved communities. NATE supports swift action by the Senate and urges the House of Representatives to pass this important infrastructure package as soon as possible. NATE congratulates the Senate negotiators, including Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), whose leadership and collaboration led to this bipartisan agreement. [Statement, 7/29/21]

Consumer Brands Association President and CEO Geoff Freeman: “The bipartisan infrastructure bill is one step in the right direction toward investments that we have needed in this country for years, if not decades.Historic levels of funding for federal recycling infrastructure, rural broadband connectivity and highway projects and ports, as well as expansion of clean energy infrastructure, are investments that Consumer Brands has long advocated for to strengthen our nation’s supply chains and ensure the reliable delivery of essential consumer packaged goods. We applaud the Senate for their tireless work on this bipartisan framework and urge Congress to move swiftly to pass this historic agreement and for President Biden to sign it into law.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

Airlines for America (A4A) President and CEO Nicholas E. Calio: “We commend Senate negotiators and the Administration for their unwavering determination to reach consensus on a bipartisan infrastructure package. They demonstrated a strong commitment to constructive debate and robust dialogue which ultimately fostered meaningful compromise. We encourage Congress to continue setting aside differences and identify common ground that results in effective policy and smart investment for our country.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) President & CEO Kevin Burke: “Airports across the U.S. support this bipartisan infrastructure agreement because it makes a much-needed down payment to upgrade aging facilities,” Burke said. “Chronically underfunded, airports have struggled to make necessary terminal, runway and access improvements to keep pace with the increasing number of passengers and cargo. As a result, U.S. airports face more than $115 billion in documented infrastructure needs over the next five years. These investments are more crucial than ever as the industry recovers from steep losses resulting the COVID-19 pandemic and makes continued investments to keep travelers and workers healthy and safe. We support this bipartisan deal and encourage Congress to enact it.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO): “AASHTO applauds the bipartisan group of Senators and President Biden for reaching agreement on this historic bipartisan infrastructure bill,” said Jim Tymon, AASHTO executive director. “We recognize this long-sought agreement is a crucial demonstration of the solid bipartisan support for infrastructure investment including roads, bridges, public transit, passenger rail, ports, airports, safety, and resilience—as well as broadband, water, and energy systems. We are particularly grateful for the addition of $550 billion in new funding on top of the much-needed five-year surface transportation reauthorization bills passed with strong bipartisan support by the Senate Environment and Public Works and Commerce Committees. AASHTO and our state department of transportation members stand ready to work with Congress and the Administration toward enactment of this major infrastructure package as soon as possible.” [Statement, 7/29/21]

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Executive Director Tom Smith: “The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) applauds the bipartisan group of Senators for coming to an agreement on an infrastructure package, continuing the long tradition of bipartisanship regarding infrastructure investment. American voters want Congress to move forward with this plan that will keep roads, bridges, and our drinking water safe, bolster the economy, and help ensure communities are resilient. Our nation’s households don’t have time to wait while they continue to lose $3,300 a year due to unreliable, aging infrastructure. Businesses know that our nation’s infrastructure needs immediate attention if we are to remain competitive in the global marketplace. The agreed-upon $550 billion in new spending goes far beyond transportation – it will make a significant impact on improving almost all of the categories featured in ASCE’s 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, which assigned the nation’s systems a disappointing grade of ‘C-.’ This proposal will remove dangerous lead service water lines in countless communities, safeguard critical assets against increasingly severe weather trends, modernize aging transit fleets, and fix structurally deficient bridges in need of repair. We commend these Senators for prioritizing infrastructure through a bipartisan agreement. Now we urge the full Senate to pass the cloture motion so this crucial legislation can proceed.” [Statement, 7/28/21]

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW): “Time to strengthen Made-in-America manufacturing. Time for Congress to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework. #ibewbuildsbetter #buildbackbetter” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers: “The International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers urges every Senator to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure deal. This historic investment in the full spectrum of American infrastructure is what our country has been waiting for.  The bill includes the funding needed to fix our crumbling roads and bridges.  It would catapult our rail, transit, air, and water infrastructure into world-leading status.  These investments would unlock the potential of struggling communities and put many thousands of Ironworkers to work at the same time. As a union of 128,000 construction and fabrication workers across North America, infrastructure is near to our hearts.  The bridges, ports and airports of this country provided middle-class union jobs for past generations of Ironworkers.  This bill’s investments, buttressed by strong labor standards, would create the good union jobs of the future. We appreciate the difficulty of bipartisan compromise, and salute the Senate and White House for sticking to a task many thought was impossible.  With the finish line in sight, we ask that the Senate quickly pass this bill.” [Statement, 7/29/21]

LIUNA: “Create jobs…Pass the #BipartisanInfrastructureFramework #InfrastructureNOW” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten: “This is big big news for America today… for repairing roads & bridges, investing in broadband, etc and for @JoeBiden @SenSchumer & bi partisanship…” [Tweet, 7/28/21]

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