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Steil Votes No on Bernie Sanders’ and Speaker Pelosi’s Spending Spree


WASHINGTON, DC— Today, Congressman Bryan Steil (WI-01) issued a statement after voting no on Bernie Sanders’ and Speaker Pelosi’s Spending Spree.

“Today I voted against Bernie Sanders’ and Speaker Pelosi’s spending framework for $3.5 trillion of new social spending. Continued out of control spending in Washington will have serious consequences. Ultimately this radical spending agenda will lead to new taxes on all American families, workers, and farmers. I will continue to vote against wasteful spending and protect the pocketbooks of hardworking Americans,” said Steil.

Ahead of the vote, Congressman Steil spoke on the House floor against the spending spree. You can watch the House floor speech HERE and read a transcript below:

Madam Speaker, I rise to sound the alarm of Bernie Sanders’ and Speaker Pelosi’s spending spree.


Let’s not forget that earlier this year, Biden and Pelosi have already spent trillions of dollars.


And Speaker Pelosi has brought us back to Washington late in August, but not to address the crisis in Afghanistan.


No, she brought us back to push through another 4.5 trillion dollars in new spending.


If we printed that amount of money in bills, it would fill 50,000 semi-trailers. 50,000 semi-trailers of cash!


That’s what’s before us. And who’s ultimately – who’s ultimately going to pay for this?


American families, American workers, and American farmers, through higher taxes.


And as the cost of everything – from school supplies, to food, to gas – continue to go up. All of us will feel the pain of this wasteful spending spree through higher prices.


I urge my colleagues to oppose this wasteful spending plan. I yield back.

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