(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Congressman Glenn Grothman (WI-06) expressed his outrage at YouTube’s censorship of those they do not politically agree with by banning Senator Ron Johnson (WI) from the platform.

“While some people may disagree with Senator Ron Johnson’s politics, that is not reason enough to withhold the information he has from people who want to hear it,” said Grothman. “I don’t feel that one can truly be an informed citizen without hearing both sides of an argument. YouTube has tried to brand itself as an impartial source of information for those seeking to research topics of the day, but is denying people access to relevant information.

“It is disturbing that the overwhelmingly left-leaning social media oligarchy has decided that they are the masters of public discourse with the ability to censor voices they deem unworthy.

“If someone is, right now, conducting a web search on COVID-19 treatments and do not have access to the full array of information, including Senators Johnson’s comments, they are not receiving the full story. For those reasons, I am very disappointed that Senator Johnson has been muzzled by YouTube.”

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