On Sunday, August 15th, Defense Secretary Austin approved two requests for assistance from the State Department to transport and temporarily house Afghan Special Immigration Visa applicants, their families, and other individuals at risk.

Under the first request, the Department will provide temporary housing, sustainment, and support inside the United States for up to 22,000 Afghan SIV applicants, their families and other at-risk individuals.  The US Northern Command will coordinate details with the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Health and Human Services, as necessary.  This support will be provided under Presidential Drawdown Authority to the maximum extent possible, with additional support being provided on a reimbursable basis.

Under the second request, the Department will provide protection, air transportation, and processing of up to 30,000 at-risk individuals from Kabul.    This total includes embassy personnel, US citizens, Afghan SIV applicants and other at-risk individuals.  8,000 of these will be transported to a third country for processing, with an additional 22,000 being transported to the United States.  The Department of State will be responsible for onward travel for all transported individuals.

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