A top official in the Republican Party of Wisconsin said the party has made “significant inroads” with communities of color and will look to build on that in the future.

Gerard Randall, first vice chair of the party, said Republicans would sustain that momentum in communities of color by “getting our message out sooner, getting our message our persistently, and making sure that those who do carry our message are able to have influence in those communities.”

Randall spoke in an interview aired Sunday on “UpFront,” produced in partnership with WisPolitics.com.

Overall the party is strong, Randall said, but he cited some areas of concern.

“I think we have some work to do with elements of our base. We have work to do on college campuses, and suburban areas, and I think our message that we’ll carry to them is the traditional Republican message,” Randall said. He added the traditional message is strong families, entrepreneurship, safety, secure borders and a pro-life agenda.

Randall said he doubted former President Trump would run again in 2024, but he hopes and believes that Republican Sen. Ron Johnson will seek re-election in 2022.

Republicans will meet for their annual state convention starting Friday in Wisconsin Dells.

In another segment, state Sen. Chris Larson of Milwaukee said he would stand out in the Democrats’ crowded Senate primary by being the “proven progressive” in the race.

Larson said he will campaign on a theme to “unrig the system” to make it benefit working families and small farmers, “not just the super-rich.”

“I think we’ll do well,” Larson said.

He charged that incumbent Republican Ron Johnson has “spent his career bettering himself, building his wealth to the point where he wrote a special provision in the last Trump tax cuts so he could nearly double his wealth and become the sixth richest U.S. senator.”

Johnson is a businessman from Oshkosh who ran a plastics company before being elected to the Senate. He has not said whether he intends to run for a third term.

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