Madison – Today, Republicans will ignore overwhelming public support for Gov. Evers’ Badger Bounce Back Budget, and instead pass what the Wisconsin State Journal termed a “brutalist” budget that shortchanges our kids, our taxpayers, and our future. Sen. Kelda Roys issued the following statement:

“The GOP has, at every turn, made the wrong choice for Wisconsin families. They removed every single significant provision in Gov. Evers’ budget, starving our state of needed investments – in public education, healthcare, economic development, climate mitigation, local services.

“Governor Evers listened to what Wisconsinites said they needed, and crafted a budget to help our state recover from the pandemic and thrive in years to come. Republicans, by contrast, chose to throw away billions in federal funding, betraying Wisconsin taxpayers and further harming families’ economic stability. They gutted our most important priorities – depriving our kids of the resources they need and deserve.

“The GOP could have stood with Wisconsin families and taxpayers, fiscal responsibility and chosen economic growth. Instead, Republicans chose to betray Wisconsin taxpayers and families with their ‘brutalist’ budget.”

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