Today, Interim UW System President Tommy Thompson said during a Wispolitics interview that the campuses have the authority to implement Covid-19 mandates under existing UW System rules in the Wisconsin Administrative Code.  Interim President Thompson specifically cited UWS 18.11.

UWS 18.11 is titled “Offenses against public peace and order” and contains specific prohibited practices that deal with: computer use, disorderly conduct, improper use of telephones, picketing, rallies, parades, demonstrations, assemblies, sound amplifying equipment, persons prohibited from entering university buildings/lands, selling, peddling, soliciting, and campaigning in residence halls.

What you won’t see specifically addressed in UWS 18.11, is the authority, in the name of Covid-19, to force students or campus visitors to wear masks, force unvaccinated students to be tested weekly, or to require students to disclose their Covid-19 vaccination status.  Don’t take my word for it – let your own eyes review UWS 18.11.  Link to UWS 18.11:  Wisconsin Legislature: UWS 18.11

Remember each campus chancellor has stated they will have campus police enforce these unlawful mandates and utilize student discipline to punish students.

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