Madison, WI – On Wednesday, the Wisconsin State Senate voted on the 2021-23 biennial budget, which passed the body with bipartisan support. Sen. Mary Felzkowski (R-Tomahawk) proudly cast her vote in favor of the legislation, which will support our state as we move forward from the turbulence of the last year.

“This is truly a budget for all Wisconsinites, with something for everyone,” said Felzkowski. “A $3.4 billion tax cut for working families, an increase in Medicaid Assistance payments for healthcare and long-term care providers that provide for our most vulnerable populations, a guarantee of two-thirds state funding for K-12 education for our students, and tax relief for our small businesses that have weathered a difficult year.”

The budget contains a middle class tax cut that saves the typical Wisconsin family $1,200 over biennium; brings the state’s rainy day fund to an unparalleled $2 billion; makes smart, targeted investments in health care, education, and local roads; and leaves a balance of $450 million in the state general fund so we can adapt to the needs of Wisconsinites over the next two years.

Felzkowski continued: “Republicans in Wisconsin continue to produce fiscally responsible budgets that focus on you, the hardworking taxpayers. You wake up and go to work every day with the understanding that the state government is going to fund the necessary services that your family relies on. This budget does exactly that while putting the extra money that we over-collected back into your pocket.”

The budget has now passed both bodies in the legislature and heads to the Governor’s desk for signature or veto. The governor also has the constitutional power of the line-item veto, where he can pick and choose provisions to remove, while passing others into law, a process he has ten business days to complete.

Felzkowski finished with, “this budget helps to propel Wisconsin forward, past this pandemic and into a bright, thriving future. I urge Governor Evers to sign this budget so the people of Wisconsin can start benefitting from it.”

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