MADISON, WI – The University of Wisconsin has admitted it continued to break federal law in 2021, according to reports obtained via FOIA by a national research watchdog – the reports list at least one animal death and seven injuries during a three month period.

The reports filed by the UW admit one monkey death due to negligently administering the wrong drug, and injuries to seven monkeys because of escapes and mishandling.

The continuing federal violations have drawn a new federal complaint from SAEN, a national watchdog nonprofit that monitors U.S. research facilities for illegalities and animal abuse.

SAEN’s complaint alleges multiple violations of federal animal handling standards, and call for the maximum penalty of $10,000 per infraction, per animal.

The new violations come after a hefty $74,000 federal fine levied against the University of Wisconsin in 2020 for racking up numerous federal Animal Welfare Act violations.

The majority of the infractions listed in the 2020 fine document were animal handling issues, exactly the same kind of incidents which continue to kill and injure monkeys at the UW.

“The inept staff at the University of Wisconsin can’t even keep the animals in the cages and uninjured long enough to perform the experiments,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., SAEN co-founder.  “How is it that this facility can’t make the changes necessary to stop breaking the law?”

SAEN’s new complaint, which contains all relevant documents is available at:

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