MADISON – State Representative Timothy Ramthun (R-Campbellsport) released the following statement while attending the Cyber Symposium in South Dakota:

“Present with me today are other Wisconsin officials. I came here with an open mind and intent to listen to and bring back any information that would help Wisconsin achieve closure with its 2020 General Election concerns. The event is currently focused on Dominion voting machine specifics in Mesa County, Colorado with evidence of image manipulations that permanently destroys log files. The practice Dominion uses is to request machine access to perform an upgrade, when in fact it appears their actions do more than that. I enquired with WEC official Mr. Robert Spindel whether or not Dominion had sought such access of the Wisconsin Dominion machines from the WEC. Mr. Spindel’s response was that Dominion had requested access to the machines from WEC on 6/2/21. Mr. Spindel then forwarded to me the 100 page document qualifying that meeting. Page 39 of that document displays that Dominion request.”

“In my opinion, the actions Dominion wants to take will destroy necessary data that could be forensic evidence for any audit, and will prevent Wisconsin from achieving the closure it so desperately needs. I call upon Speaker Vos to either approve Rep Brandtjen’s subpoenas, OR that either Speaker Vos or Rep. Brandtjen seek an immediate injunction to terminate Dominion’s desired actions until they provide a full and complete image of each machine they wish to upgrade, before doing so. This needs to be done ASAP”

“Furthermore, I question the legality of Dominion doing any maintenance on any voting machine before the 22 month record retention requirement per state statue.”

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