June 8, 2021
Contact: Joe Zepecki
[email protected]

ICYMI: ACA Coverage Hits Record High of 31 Million People

180,328 Wisconsinites are now Enrolled in ACA Marketplace Coverage

WISCONSIN — Last week, the Biden administration announced that a record 31 million people now have coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act. This includes a total of 180,328 Wisconsinites enrolled in ACA marketplace coverage. The national enrollment numbers in ACA marketplace coverage and Medicaid expansion are “record highs,” according to new data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These enrollment numbers reinforce the resiliency of the ACA ahead of the Supreme Court’s pending decision in the California vs. Texas case.

“These Wisconsin enrollment numbers are further proof that the ACA works, is resilient, and that Americans want it and need it. President Obama and President Biden deserve America’s thanks,” Protect Our Care Wisconsin State Director Joe Zepecki. “We need to continue building on the law to reduce costs, expand Medicaid in states that have refused to do so, and extend the ACA’s success to the next frontier in health care — lowering the cost of prescription drugs. The news of more than 30 million Americans covered by the ACA shines an even brighter spotlight on the Supreme Court’s pending decision on the future of the ACA in a case brought by right-wing partisans and which should be resoundingly rejected by the court.”

The American Rescue Plan is expanding access to quality, affordable health care in Wisconsin and across the country, and providing millions of people with desperately needed financial assistance as they recover from the pandemic. Wisconsinites have Congressional Democrats to thank for this essential lifeline, because while some are claiming credit, not a single Republican in Congress voted for the American Rescue Plan.

The American Rescue Plan also includes robust financial incentives for the 14 states, including Wisconsin, that have not yet implemented Medicaid expansion. Research has identified that an estimated 6 million people, including 90,000 people in Wisconsin could gain coverage if the remaining holdout states expanded.


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