Appleton, WI — Today, U.S. Senate candidate and Outagamie County executive Tom Nelson released a new video paying tribute to the “Harry and Louise” ads that 30 years ago helped kill health care reform. In “Tom and Maria,” Maria Nelson discusses her breast cancer treatment and the exorbitant bills she and Tom confronted. They express their gratitude about having excellent health insurance and why it’s urgent we have a Medicare for All system that protects all families from never having to go bankrupt due to health care costs.

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At yesterday’s U.S. Senate forum, a clear divide emerged among candidates who believed in a single-payer Medicare for All system vs. continuing with tweaks to the current for-profit system.

Nelson said, “Over 30 years ago, the for-profit health insurance industry brought down health care reform with their deceptive ‘Harry and Louise’ ads. We decided to use our ‘Tom and Maria’ family story to illustrate the human costs of continuing with this broken system that leaves millions of Americans without access to lifesaving care and show why the time is now for Medicare for All.”



MARIA: Wasn’t this test covered by insurance?


TOM: I honestly don’t remember. When they tell you that your wife has cancer, the last thing on your mind is what insurance company covers which doctor.


MARIA: Yeah and you know, and during my twenty rounds of chemo, thirty rounds of radiation, two major surgeries, and countless office visits, I guess I just forgot to ask.


TOM: You were so brave.


MARIA: I loved my doctors and nurses and when they look at you and tell you that “you have cancer,” you don’t look at them and say “no, don’t treat me.”


TOM: And they know it, too. Look at the numbers on these bills: $15,000, $30,000… A single MRI $2600. $12,000 a night at the hospital. $13,000 for surgery, and chemo, $200,000.


MARIA: We’re so fortunate that we had health insurance through work. So many millions of Americans don’t.


TOM: And your boss should not be choosing your doctor. Right now 33 million Americans are without health insurance, and millions have not enough insurance.


MARIA: I owe my doctors and nurses my life, there’s got to be a better way.


TOM: And there is – it’s called Medicare for All.


MARIA: Tell me more about that.


TOM: Well, all Americans would be covered, the country would spend a lot less on healthcare, and best yet, we wouldn’t have to deal with these.


MARIA: Health care is a human right. It’s time we all started treating it like one.


TOM: And when I get to the US Senate, we will.

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