U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, ahead of a possible bid for a third term, said he is “more panicked” for America than when he first decided to run for office.

During the GOP state convention today, Johnson said he originally ran for office because he was fearful for America’s future, especially regarding a shift in cultural norms and excessive spending. And he said those fears have only gotten worse as he nears the end of his second term. He originally promised he would only serve two terms in the U.S. Senate and has yet to announce whether he will run for a third term.

He said America needs to return to a society based on faith, and that electing more Republicans in every level of government would help.

If Republicans take back municipal and county seats they will be able to “take back our culture,” he said. He said Republicans should also run for school boards to make sure kids aren’t “indoctrinated” into liberal culture.

He said it’s crucial to have Republicans up for election in every race because “it’s the secret to success in taking back our culture.”

“What happened? Liberalism happened,” he said, pointing to former President Lyndon B Johnson pushing the Great Society.

He added classical liberalism has its place, but current Dem Party members are pushing more socialism than classical liberalism.

Johnson also said he and other conservatives know the changes America needs and push for progress in those areas, but he said liberals don’t feel that progress is enough or in the right direction.

“I can’t get my mind inside a liberal,” he said. “I don’t try. For some reason they want to control your life,” he said. “They’ve gotta impose their lifestyle, their economic model, everything that they want, on us.”

“We just want to be left alone,” he added.

He added Republicans need to be cautious of liberals because “they operate under the rules of radicals,” adding those liberals want to destroy him.

But he said Republicans operate under the rule of law. “I want to follow the rules, I don’t want to be like them,” he added. He also said he doesn’t want Republicans to operate outside of decency.

Education and journalism are part of the problem with our society, he said, because he said they adopted a liberal culture that works against conservatives.

He also said the push against teaching critical race theory is evidence of good progress, and getting more Republicans elected would help prevent anything like critical race theory from coming up in schools in the future.

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