U.S. Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said he hopes to achieve results in Congress like the ones he helped oversee in the state Senate.

He said the underlying message for Republicans in federal government is to take back the majority. He said Republicans in Congress need to continue fighting against critical race theory in schools and massive spending while pushing anti-abortion laws.

He also said he’s proud of the work he did as the former state Senate majority leader, especially passing Act 10.

Fitzgerald said the fight against Act 10 underscored what the country is up against in Washington, D.C., as Republican lawmakers push back against unions.

He added Republicans, once they gain back their majority in Congress, should not become a party of “Democrat-Lites.” He said they will need to lead with conservative principles and philosophy.

“That means there’ll be no pandering when we get a majority,” he said.

And he said Wisconsin, being a battleground state, is one of the states that will make a difference for America’s future, “but none of that happens without the people in this room.”

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