SPOONER, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reminds anglers that northern zone smallmouth bass season begins on Saturday, June 19, offering the opportunity to harvest smallmouth bass from additional waters.

The northern zone opener will allow anglers to harvest from:

  • Wisconsin-Michigan Boundary Waters (for both largemouth and smallmouth bass)
  • Northern management zone
  • Tributaries to Lake Michigan – north of Highway 29 in Door and Kewaunee counties
  • Lake Superior – including Kakagon River and Slough

Smallmouth bass are known to put up a hard fight and offer great fishing for anglers of all ages.

Anglers can follow these tips for catching bass:

  • Some of the best smallmouth lake fishing takes place in June during and just after the spawning season, as well as in early fall.
  • Try using artificial baits on the surface.
  • Natural bait like hellgrammites, dragonfly larvae or even leeches can be used.
  • Fish quietly, casting toward rocks or logs.
  • Keep your line tight and rod tip up.

While the harvest season has been open in the southern zone, anglers in the northern zone have had a catch-and-release season only.

The smallmouth bass harvest season and daily bag and size limits vary by location. Check the 2021-2022 Guide to Hook and Line Wisconsin Fishing Regulations for details. All license requirements apply.

To find places to fish for bass, view the DNR’s 2021-2022 Wisconsin Fishing Report.

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