PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today announced it is accepting public comments on a proposed compliance schedule for the EMCO Chemical Distributors facility at 8601 95th Street, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. The public input period is part of EMCO’s participation in the DNR’s Enviro-Check program.

EMCO conducted a compliance audit under the Enviro-Check program on June 5, 2020. Based on the facility’s air permit requirements, EMCO identified air emission calculation and recordkeeping violations, including for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Since discovering the violations, EMCO has been working with the DNR’s Air Management program to obtain a new air permit with recordkeeping requirements that better fit the facility’s operations while maintaining air quality protections.

Under the Enviro-Check law, compliance schedules that exceed 90 days after an audit report is submitted to the DNR must go through a public notice and comment period.

EMCO agrees to return to compliance through the development of a new air permit and recordkeeping system in order to resolve violations discovered and self-disclosed through this voluntary audit. As part of the permitting process, EMCO is identifying methods to calculate emissions for each chemical storage, processing and loadout operation at the Pleasant Prairie facility and determining how records will be kept to demonstrate compliance with emission caps in the new permit. EMCO commits to providing this information to DNR’s Air Management program by July 30, 2021 in order to complete EMCO’s air permit application.

EMCO also agrees to promptly respond to any additional questions or requests from Air Management. EMCO agrees to forfeit the following in stipulated penalties for each day past July 30, 2021 in which the above actions are not completed: $100 per violation per day for days 1-15 past the compliance date, $300 per day for days 16-30 passed the compliance date, and $600 per violation per day for days 31 and thereafter.

The DNR welcomes comments from EMCO’s customers, neighbors, stakeholders and others. The public is encouraged to submit comments and requests regarding the proposed compliance schedule and penalties. Submit comments through July 19, 2021 to Lisa Ashenbrenner at [email protected] or 608-371-4367.

Enviro-Check empowers businesses and facilities to proactively verify they are meeting environmental requirements through a third-party assessment. Enviro-Check also limits liability for organizations who are making a good faith effort to investigate and correct violations. This translates into a safer, healthier environment as well as more efficient and profitable businesses.

Learn more about the Enviro-Check program on the DNR’s Enviro-Check webpage.

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