Participants in a Women for Trump bus tour Thursday touted President Trump’s efforts to help small business owners in Wisconsin through tax cuts and reopening the education system for in-person attendance.

The bus tour stop in Port Washington, which is part of a series of Trump campaign events around Wisconsin over the week, brought together several campaign leaders and organizers to meet with women leaders and small-business owners, including Trump Senior Advisor Katrina Pierson.

Pierson said Trump’s history of cutting taxes will help grow Wisconsin’s economy by reducing taxes on small businesses. She said the potential tax increases from presumptive Dem nominee Joe Biden’s administration would cause small businesses to make cuts to their workforces and benefits like health insurance.

Ahead of the event, a Biden campaign spokesman slammed the Trump campaign visit as a way to pit Wisconsin women against each other and push divisive interests instead of fighting for all women and families.

“As president, Joe Biden will protect health care for Wisconsinites and build on the ACA with a public option, making health care affordable for all,” said the Biden spokesman. “He’s committed to putting a woman on the ticket, guaranteeing universal pre-K, expanding on VAWA, and finally securing equal pay for equal work.”

The group slammed Dems and Biden for what they consider an attack on the U.S. economy as Dem governors across the country issue stricter face mask and social distancing regulations.

Pierson said Biden and his campaign want to promote a globalist agenda to our economy that would hurt small businesses.

“You want your children to ever own a small business, we absolutely have to vote for Donald Trump,” said Pierson. “The only thing standing in between everyone in this room and globalism is Trump.”

The group continued to riff on Biden’s response to how the Trump administration has handled the coronavirus pandemic thus far as well as his overall character.

“He’s the most informed man in the world,” said Trump campaign National Co-Chair Pam Bondi of the president. “He’s constantly doing work on that, as opposed to Joe Biden who’s sitting in his basement.”

Several members of the group stated that a Biden administration would result in the closing of many dairy farms across Wisconsin.

Pierson said Biden’s vote to support NAFTA in the ‘90s contributed to Wisconsin losing roughly 200,000 jobs.

The group also boasted that Trump is responsible for bringing 75,000 jobs back to Wisconsin.

–By Adam Kelnhofer for

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