GOP lawmakers are asking the state Supreme Court for an injunction preventing the Evers administration from enforcing its latest stay-at-home order, arguing Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm exceeded her authority in issuing the new directive.

The suit also argued the Evers administration inappropriately went around the Legislature in issuing the order.

GOP lawmakers also asked for the court to stay the proposed injunction for six days to give DHS time to promulgate a new emergency rule. Emergency rules are subject to legislative review.

Gov. Tony Evers slammed the lawsuit, calling it a nakedly political power grab that diminishes the threat COVID-19 poses to the health of Wisconsin residents.

Evers dismissed the call to go through the administrative rules process as simply a power play, saying it would delay the state’s reaction amid the pandemic.

“People are going to die,” Evers said. “This isn’t just like some academic endeavor here.”

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