(August 17, 2020, Oshkosh, WI) ‒ “As Donald Trump campaigns in Wisconsin today, we have the perfect opportunity to reflect on Trump’s record as president. Now that he has been in office for nearly a full term, he has a record that shows his inadequacy and incompetence as commander in chief. His failures have hit Wisconsin hard, and working people have been hurt by his inaction and failed leadership.”

“In the middle of a pandemic, Donald Trump inexplicably continues to praise himself for his handling of the crisis. Essential workers across Wisconsin who do their jobs every day deserve a president who does the same, and with Donald Trump, we are at a loss.”

“Fortunately, we have an opportunity to right the ship of state and elect leadership that will capably lead our nation through and out of this crisis. As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are officially nominated in Milwaukee this week, working people in Wisconsin have greater hope that better days lie ahead. After years of dismal failure, we can look forward to leadership that will deliver us out of this crisis and into an era of greater unity and equality.”


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