This is State Senator André Jacque from Northeast Wisconsin.  As legislator of the year for both Wisconsin’s Professional Police and Chiefs of Police Associations, I’m proud to back the badge and stand with our law enforcement officers all over Wisconsin. With the unrest occurring in many areas of our state, my Republican colleagues and I, like you, know that now more than ever, we need to protect our protectors and support law enforcement.

Our first responders are heroes that rush toward danger at a moment’s notice, and their service comes at a high cost to themselves and their families. They protect our lives and homes, provide life-saving assistance, respond to domestic violence and human trafficking, and protect our children from predators.  Each session I work with our fine front-line officers on a wide variety of measures to help keep us safe.

They see unspeakable horrors in their daily work, and have to try to set it aside and lead semi-normal lives in our communities. As a result, we are now faced with the sad reality that suicide rates have spiked for first responders suffering from cumulative traumatic mental injuries, and now outpace on-duty deaths.

I’m proud to lead a bipartisan effort as author of the Public Safety Post Traumatic Stress Coverage Act to recognize the burden and sacrifice of our first responders and help them get the help they need for themselves, their families, and our communities.

There are countless reminders of how indispensable our first responders are.  While there are problems within every occupation, no one wants a bad cop out of their profession more than a good one, and Wisconsin’s law enforcement training standards are the envy of the nation.  So the next time you see one of our brave officers out on the streets, please take the time to thank them for the amazing work that they do.  Thank you!

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