Madison…In this week’s GOP radio address, Rep. Romaine Quinn (R-Barron) talks about
National Water Quality Month and what the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality did to
address water issues in Wisconsin.

August is National Water Quality Month. Clean water is something that affects all aspects of our lives – from our health, to our homes. From the economy to the ecosystems. We need clean water to prosper and thrive.

This session, the bipartisan Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality travelled the state gathering information from the public and experts about water issues unique to every corner of the state.

The task force found that there isn’t one easy solution to the complex water issues affecting the different regions. But by working together, we can and will make a difference.

The task force put forward 13 bills. They included the creation of a state office on water quality, investments in county conservation departments and assistance for farmers to implement conservation practices.

Wisconsin is blessed with an abundant supply of water. And it’s important that we ensure our water is clean and safe for future generations.

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