The Wisconsin District Attorneys’ Association Board issued the following statement regarding the Kenosha, Wisconsin Officer Involved Shooting;

The Wisconsin District Attorneys’ Association offers its thoughts and prayers to all those involved in the Kenosha officer involved shooting, which occurred on August 23, 2020. We especially pray for the recovery of Jacob Blake.

An investigation by the Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is underway into the circumstances of the shooting. DCI is acting as an outside agency to investigate the shooting, and the investigators employed by DCI are among the very best in determining and documenting the facts of such an incident. A prosecutor then will need to make a decision on how to proceed in the light of that investigation.

We are a society of laws, and the law will be followed, and justice will be done. If we want justice to be reached, the investigation must be thorough and complete. Our system of laws supports the right of each citizen to make their voices heard, but that same system of laws does not support doing so by harming people or property. Destruction of public and private property is not consistent with a society that seeks justice. We implore all citizens to promote peace in this difficult time.

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