HAGER CITY, WI – On Wednesday, Derrick Van Orden laid out his vision for a healthy, safe, and prosperous America in stark contrast to Ron Kind’s vision that would keep the 3rd District rocked by fear.


Derrick has spent this campaign learning directly from the 3rd District, doing the job a representative is supposed to do. He knows that the people want change, and Derrick’s record of taking action on behalf of our country will serve the district well after 23 years of representation from a career politician.


Check out some of the coverage from Wednesday’s debate:



Van Orden says businesses need to open so they can welcome customers back.


“We have to open up our businesses safely, efficiently, effectively and quickly. And we do that by developing. A vaccine initially that President Trump is working on under Operation Warp Speed and therapeutics to go along with that. We have to open our economy,” said Republican 3rd district candidate Derrick Van Orden.



Van Orden added that he wants to be on the Agriculture Committee, unlike Kind, who he criticized for holding up trade bills.


“So [Kind] played politics with our farmers, and we lost over 840 dairy farms during that period of time,” Van Orden said. “And they cast those away because they didn’t want to give Donald Trump a political victory.”


La Crosse Tribune:

Van Orden promised he would not sign any health care plan that doesn’t provide coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, and criticized ads that have suggested otherwise.

“I don’t care who writes it, you have my word,” he said.



“I’m never going to lie to you. Ron, you started your congressional campaign by lying to people saying that you only served 12 years in Congress. That was 24 years ago, and then you continue down this path by lying to all of our sheriffs. That’s why 13 of them are endorsing my campaign – including your sheriff. Thank you very much,” said Derrick Van Orden.


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