HAGER CITY, WI – Today, Republicans in Wisconsin’s 3rd District made it clear that tested, proven leadership is needed in Congress by selecting Derrick Van Orden to challenge Ron Kind in November.


Derrick released the following statement when the race was called:


Thank you to everyone who has supported my candidacy. I’d also like to thank my opponent for standing up and making her voice heard throughout her campaign. 

For too long, we have had too many people in leadership positions who are not leaders. In recent months, that lack of leadership experience has become more clear than ever. 

Leadership counts. Experience counts. 

I am a tested and proven leader. As a Navy SEAL, as a husband, father, and grand-father, as a small business owner and hobby farmer, I’m the only candidate with the leadership experience we need in Washington. 

Ron Kind has been in Washington for decades and he’s been so busy being a politician he’s forgotten why we sent him there. He’s been busy doing Nancy Pelosi’s bidding in Washington and while the people of the 3rd need security during tough economic times, he hasn’t been looking out for us, including Wisconsin farmers who were left out of the PPP COVID-19 loans.

I’ve been serving as a Navy SEAL where I learned three things that will make me a better leader in Washington than Ron Kind: Listen, Decide, Act. I’m not a politician, but the military did teach me how to be a statesman.

Thank you to the people of the 3rd district for supporting me in this primary. I look forward to defeating Ron Kind in November and representing you in Washington.”




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