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The sound and fury of American politics continues to mesmerize the pundits but unlike them Wisconsin’s electorate remains stable and reflective. They evaluate candidates on whether or not they have realistic objectives and are making progress in devising and implementing strategies to accomplish them. When viewed from their long term perspective Trump’s economic and foreign policy goals (which are linked) remain realistic and salutary and Mr. Trump is making progress implementing our agenda. That is one among several reasons why Trump will again carry Wisconsin.

From the early nineties through the end of the Obama era the USA squandered its time as sole world superpower engaging in fruitless nation building and war making in the Middle East. At the same time it dissipated its economic strength by devising and implementing a trade policy which, starting with NAFTA, outsourced our manufacturing base and impoverished broad swathes of the populace. The shortcomings of this long term approach were fully revealed by our inability to produce necessary supplies in the face of a pandemic which prevented much global trade.

Fortunately, the Trump administration was elected precisely because the American people in general, and the people of Wisconsin in particular, had espied, prior to their full manifestation, the disastrous flaws in the earlier, bipartisan foreign policy and economic consensus. They elected Trump to change course and since he did so the ship of state had already turned into the wind, as it were, when the inevitable storm (generated by the earlier, flawed, consensus) hit. We are weathering and will weather the storm, although that would not have been the case if we had elected Hillary and remained on the old tack – or if we elect Biden and return to it.

Trump started turning the helm when he actually did what he said and replaced NAFTA with the USMCA, something establishment figures like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden had been promising to do but never doing for nearly twenty years. Here is a revelation to the pundits. Hillary and Biden never “fixed” NAFTA because they never had any intention of “fixing” it. They lie. On the other hand Mr. Trump keeps his promises and the result is a new and much improved USMCA — which is particularly good for Wisconsin’s manufacturing sector and dairy industry and serves as a strong basis for our re-emergent geopolitical and economic power.

Second, Mr. Trump is turning the helm further as he extracts us from the strategically disastrous and exhausting Middle Eastern Wars – despite repeated and ongoing attempts by the warmonger’s chorus (led by Hillary and Biden) to prevent extraction. Nobody serious wants to fight the Russians in Syria much less Afghanistan. In fact, if Mr. Putin wants to reclaim Afghanistan the wise suspect we should wrap it up in a bow and give it to him. That will take the starch out of the Russian Bear faster than anything the think tank experts at places like the institution formerly known as the “Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs” could ever devise.

Third, Mr. Trump keeps on shoring up our Asian Alliances. His Administration has forged stronger ties with South Korea and Japan – and last summer’s new trade deal with Japan is particularly beneficial to Wisconsin’s agricultural sector. Voters recognize that, as well as the difficulties involved dealing with the Chinese. Patience and cunning is required to keep the Mandarins in their box as we disentangle our economy from theirs and build new relations with countries like Vietnam and India. You won’t get patience or cunning out of Joe Biden. He still thinks the Mandarins are harmless little Pandas, and doesn’t seem to have noticed that they are mashing flat the Uighurs, the Christians, and Hong Kong.

In conclusion, it is unsurprising that the geopolitical and economic block formerly known as the “West” has been coming unglued, and incorrect to blame Trump’s tweets for it. After all, it is currently fashionable for decidedly non-Trumpian voices within the block to attack the legitimacy of “the West’s” historical origins and ideals – like the rule of law, due process, clean elections, etc. We have weathered such convulsions before and once they pass the “West” may well recoalesce – but undoubtedly in a new configuration and perhaps with a tweaked name. In the meantime Trump is focused on doing trade deals with the UK and Kenya.

The people of Wisconsin know establishment figures like Hillary and Biden got us into a sticky foreign policy and economic spot and they know Trump is getting us out of it. Rome wasn’t built, or in this case rebuilt, in a day. That is why Donald J. Trump has earned and will win four more years.

— Mobley is the President of Thiensville, Wisconsin.

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