President Trump’s visit to Wisconsin on the day the Democratic National Convention begins in Milwaukee is an attempt to show voters that Trump is invested in the state, a campaign spokeswoman said.

Trump plans to visit Oshkosh today, while Vice President Pence will be in Darien on Wednesday. The Trump campaign has other speakers and events planned in Wisconsin surrounding the DNC.

“This is a huge contrast,” Katrina Pierson, senior advisor to the Trump campaign, said Sunday on “UpFront.”

“Joe Biden is choosing not attend his own party’s convention in the great state of Wisconsin, and we believe that this snub of the state speaks to the Democrats choosing a lethargic candidate who refuses to leave his basement and ask Wisconsinites for their votes,” she said on the show, produced in partnership with

“This is the mistake Democrats are making, just like in 2016, ignoring voters and by taking the Rust Belt states for granted,” Pierson said.

She said not even a global pandemic “will keep the Trump campaign from asking for the votes of the American people.”

The Democratic National Convention, scaled down to a mostly virtual event due to the pandemic, begins today. Some speakers will be at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee.

DNC officials said Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept the nomination, because of the threat of COVID-19.

Jason Rae, secretary of the Democratic National Committee and a Wisconsin resident, said Democrats are “not at all” worried about Trump and Republicans stealing their thunder during convention week.

Rae said Democrats have consulted with public health experts and are “putting first and foremost the health and safety of the people here in Milwaukee” during the pandemic.

He said Democrats will use their convention to “showcase what leadership really looks like” and show the nation that “we believe in science.”

“UpFront” host Adrienne Pedersen asked Rae what themes the Democrats would be running on this fall.

“We are running (on) our stable and steady leadership around Joe Biden, and how we’re going to help restore the soul of America,” Rae said.

He said California Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, is a “phenomenal choice, ready on day one to take office.”

“UpFront” also talked to Visit Milwaukee CEO Peggy Williams-Smith about efforts to promote the city during a mostly virtual convention.

Williams-Smith said Visit Milwaukee has produced two new commercials that show the “unique and diverse beauty of our city.” They hope to run them during convention coverage.

Visit Milwaukee is also sending gift boxes to people who ended up not being able to travel to Milwaukee for the event.

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