MADISON, WI—“This is a massive step forward for the state of Wisconsin and I applaud Governor Evers for ensuring that all long-term care facilities receive testing for COVID-19. In order to eventually reopen our state, we need to guarantee that testing is available as widely as possible—especially in our most vulnerable populations.

“We hope next that Wisconsin will expand its testing to frontline personnel. From hospitals and clinics to fire and police departments, all frontline personnel should have access to tests. We must also work towards setting up processes so that every essential worker in Wisconsin can get tested, and every health system in the state can test all of its patients—not just those exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus.

“We cannot safely reopen our state without fully understanding the scope and breadth of our problem. Gov. Evers has been utilizing all possible resources to ramp up testing—despite lack of support from the Trump administration—and we must continue doing so. Reopening without expanding testing across frontline personnel, essential workers, and our most vulnerable populations would risk the lives of all Wisconsinites alike.”

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