Several workers at a Cudahy plant have tested positive for COVID-19. In response, Congresswoman Moore released the following statement:


“I am alarmed that Cudahy plant employees worked in close proximity to each other despite the need for physical distancing and reportedly weren’t provided masks until a few weeks ago. Workers at these facilities help feed our country, but their work cannot be done at the expense of their health and safety.


And disturbingly, we still do not know how many workers have tested posted for COVID-19 or even been tested. This lack of transparency is regrettable and harms efforts to help protect the health of these individuals and the public. And even as positive COVID-19 cases were discovered, the facility remained partially opened!


OSHA needs to step up and take responsibility to ensure workers are protected and their health and safety remains priority number one. Working people are the backbone of our country and especially amid COVID-19, need to work in conditions that maintain their dignity and health. For the safety of workers, their families and our community, I am demanding a thorough investigation.”


Read the full text of the Congresswoman’s letter to OSHA here.

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