Today, Congresswoman Moore introduced the Taxpayer Fairness Fund Act of 2020, which aims to secure the staffing and training at the IRS necessary to support efforts to ensure that wealthy taxpayers pay their fair share. In response, Congresswoman Moore released the following statement:

“As we see the filing deadline for tax return pass, it is critically important to remind the American people who have done their duty and filed their returns that enforcement of our tax laws is evenhanded. Unfortunately, too often, the returns of wealthy individuals do not receive the scrutiny that other Americans return do, helping contribute to an annual tax gap (the difference between what the IRS collects and what it should collect) of $381 billion. A number of reports indicate that a wealthier American is less likely to be examined than a low- or middle-income person. With my legislation, we provide one more avenue to ensure that the IRS has the resources to go after higher income individuals who we know are flouting our laws.”

Find more background information on the legislation here.

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