President Trump told supporters in the state he’s “done more for Wisconsin probably than any other president.”

Trump, whose only public rally since the pandemic began was a poorly attended event in Oklahoma, on Friday did what his campaign billed as a tele-rally through Facebook live. The event was geared toward southern Wisconsin, and the campaign did another one Saturday for Arizona and Michigan.

During the Wisconsin event, which came on the heels of Vice President Pence’s visit to Ripon and Onalaska, the president hinted he’d be doing more tele-rallies amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Until that gets solved, it’s going to be tough to have those big massive rallies,” Trump said.

The nearly 23-minute event featured the president riffing on a number of issues, often moving from one topic to the next with little transition.

At one point, he promised the military was poised to deliver a vaccine for COVID-19, which he referred to as the “China virus.” Then he turned his focus to the “close to 300 judges” he said he’ll have appointed to the federal bench by the end of his first term. He then praised the tax cut passed early in his term as the largest in the history of the U.S.

Trump’s 200th judicial appointment was confirmed in late June.

The president hit on a number of his usual talking points before noting how important Wisconsin is this fall.

“We don’t win Wisconsin, we could have problems,” Trump said.

Listen to the event here.

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