Joe Biden has spent his entire career attacking American workers through his advocacy for failed trade deals and surrender of American jobs and factories to China. Even as President Trump works diligently to rebuild our nation’s economy through America First trade deals, historic tax cuts, and deregulation, Joe Biden backs plans to expose our economy to unfair foreign competitors while stifling businesses through high taxes and burdensome regulations. While in Darien, Wisconsin, Vice President Mike Pence reasserted the Trump Administration’s commitment to an America First economic agenda while condemning Joe Biden for continuing to support failed globalist policies:

“Joe Biden and the radical left are deeply out of step with the people of Wisconsin on every issue that matters, prosperity or security. And that’s nowhere more evident than in the way this president has fought for American jobs and American workers. I mean, the trade deals that Joe Biden supported in his four decades in Washington cost jobs here in Wisconsin. But this president knew from day one that when the playing field is level, American workers can compete and win against workers and businesses anywhere in the world.”

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