Campaign advisers Mercedes Schlapp and Katrina Pierson proclaimed Donald Trump the “president of law and order” and pushed back on charges that he’s racist and sexist.

Schlapp told activists at the state GOP convention that Trump will keep communities safe and stand by the police.

“Do we want to be the next Seattle? Do we want to be the next Minneapolis? Do we want to be the next Chicago?” Schlapp asked activists, who answered “No!” each time.

She also took a dig at Hillary Clinton failing to visit Wisconsin after the state’s primary four years ago, a move many believed played a role in her losing the state by fewer than 23,000 votes.

“My guess is, too, Joe Biden, even if he were in Wisconsin, he wouldn’t know,” she said.

Pierson told activists Republicans have the “moral authority to stand strong and fight back,” accusing Dems of being the party of racism historically and fighting against giving women the right to vote.

Pierson also accused the media of distorting Trump’s message and refusing to show his positive work with minority communities. She charged the media refuse to report Trump’s poll numbers are in the 40s with minorities.

The latest Marquette University Law School Poll of Wisconsin registered voters found Trump’s job approval with Blacks at 11 percent and 20 percent with Hispanics, though both numbers have high margins of error.

Pierson vowed the Black Voices for Trump coalition “will be taking on Black Lives Matter.”

“We have the candidate who has the policies that prove Black lives matter because he believes that all lives matter,” she said.

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