[Minocqua, WI] – In the final debate for Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District special election, Tom Tiffany established himself as the clear favorite to serve Northern and Western Wisconsin. Voters searching for a candidate with a strong leadership record and mutually shared values found a clear choice in Tiffany.

Tiffany’s deep knowledge of the district and “Northwoods Common Sense” platform was no match for Zunker’s big-government agenda. Zunker’s disingenuous answers and ideological leanings repeatedly missed the mark – seeming geared more towards a liberal, elitist audience than families of Northern Wisconsin. The difference between true leadership and cheap talking points could not have been more startling.

Here are some of the highlights:

Tom Tiffany laid out a commonsense agenda to help get Wisconsin families through the COVID-19 pandemic and back to prosperity.

Tricia Zunker emphasized her support for keeping Wisconsin’s small businesses closed, regardless of the damage suffered by small business owners.

Tiffany discussed the need to make healthcare more affordable and easier to access through more choice, competition, and transparency.

Zunker advocated for a government takeover of our country’s healthcare system and doubled down on her commitment to provide free healthcare to illegal immigrants at the taxpayers’ expense.

Tiffany discussed his plan to help President Trump secure our southern border, end chain migration, and put in place a merit-based immigration process.

Zunker once again reinforced her desire to decriminalize illegal immigration and her opposition to securing America’s southern border.

Tiffany highlighted his record of being a fierce champion and advocate for Wisconsinites’ Second Amendment Rights.

Zunker doubled down on her support for increased restrictions on the Second Amendment.

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