MADISON, WI- State Representative candidate Tyrone Cratic Williams is calling for a statewide policy roundtable to address the issues of police disparities and economic inclusion on the heels of protests and the need for criminal justice reform throughout the country, including Wisconsin.


Cratic Williams weighed in on the death of George Floyd in Minnesota stating, “His death was completely avoidable. Police officers are trained to de-escalate citizens— not operate with no regard for life.The problem is not simply the four Minneappolis officers,” Cratic Williams said. “It’s about systemic racism that infiltrates every system in the U.S.—including that of policing. That’s why I chose to become a Police Officer— to be on the front lines protecting my community and being a voice for Black and Brown people in this institution.”


Cratic Williams would know this better than most. As a Black man who moved to Madison from Chicago’s South Side, Cratic Williams chose to become a Police Officer to play a personal part in protecting fellow people of color.


Throughout his career, Cratic Williams led numerous trainings on implicit racial bias and the impact it has on communities regarding use of force, decision making, policy and outcomes. This is what qualifies Cratic Williams to know he can make a continued difference for communities of color in elected office.


“As a Police Officer, I have the privilege of preventing incidents like this and have taught others in law enforcement, universities and social services to do the same. As an elected official, I will continue to be a social justice change agent,” Cratic Williams stated.

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