“Today’s decision is a victory for all who believe that the power to dictate how people live and to punish them with jail time does not belong with a single, unelected bureaucrat, no matter how good their intentions. And that is what this case was about.

“I’ve often said ‘You can’t legislate common sense.’ But that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t use common sense. If you’re sick, or have a compromised immune system, stay home and wear a mask if you go out. If a business wants to require customers to wear masks to keep others safe or limit their own capacity, that’s their right. And it’s the right of the customer to go elsewhere if they feel it’s inappropriate.

The WEDC has issued guidelines for reopened businesses, and I encourage people to review them.

“Hysteria, name calling and bullying, which seems inevitable these days on any issue, won’t get Wisconsin back to normal. Politeness, using your head, and time hopefully will do so.”

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