Madison, WI – The entire first floor of the Wisconsin State Capitol building remains boarded, with no declared timeline or plans to remove the boards.  Senator Stroebel issued the following statement in reaction:

“Our State Capitol is both a place of business and a symbol of Wisconsin.  It is one of the most beautiful Capitol buildings in the country and the only one where all three branches of government work.  By leaving our Capitol boarded up indefinitely, Governor Evers is continuing to signal he does not have the political will to control violent rioters.  What message does this send to the residents of Wisconsin that come to see the ‘People’s House?’”

“I certainly understand that there are individuals who are intent on vandalizing property, but Governor Evers should not cower to those who threaten destruction and bully us.  We stand for law and order, and we need to be prepared at all times to defend our great State Capitol in light of the incivility that has been all too common in Madison.  Wisconsin should stand proud for democracy, not with boarded windows, but with adequate resources to ensure law and order at our State Capitol.”

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