In response to the attack on Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Mensah by a violent mob at his home late Saturday night, Sen. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) issued the following statement:

“The mob attack, in fact an assassination attempt, on Officer Mensah is appalling. I encourage local, state, and federal authorities to investigate the incident and bring all parties to justice. Arrests should be made of the shooter and all parties that trespassed on private property, witnessed the incident, and fled.

“Ironically the original and warranted peaceful protest began in response to the equally appalling injustices administered in the George Floyd incident, which I am also nauseated by. In both cases, whether it’s a mob or an individual, we recognize that Americans are innocent until proven guilty and there is no such thing as street justice.

“We cannot have people taking justice into their own hands. However, this is what appears to be happening in Wauwatosa with the harassment of Officer Mensah. We’re also seeing closed door secret meetings in Milwaukee in an attempt to discredit and marginalize Chief Morales, who has done a masterful job of respecting the right to protest while also protecting private citizens and private property.

“Officer Mensah, Chief Morales, and all the police departments in the 5th Senate District (Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, West Allis, Brookfield, and Elm Grove) have my full support as they fight for law and order in our communities. I urge all my colleagues to also reject the demands of an increasingly violent mob and help restore law and order.”



For more information, contact:

Sen. Dale Kooyenga

[email protected]


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