(Madison)—State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) called on area Republican legislators to urge President Trump to cancel his Saturday rally in Green Bay amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.
“We are seeing a true crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen here.  Hospitals are straining to keep up and treat all of the new patients and death rates are climbing,” said Hansen.  “It is irresponsible and dangerous to have large gatherings especially when social distancing and mask requirements are not being observed.”
“It is time for area Republicans to step up and protect their constituents by urging President Trump to cancel or delay the rally.  Holding the rally will only put more lives at risk at a time when our area is being overrun by the coronavirus.”
Green Bay is considered a “red zone” by the White House meaning it is experiencing the highest level of COVID-19 community spread.  Wisconsin has the third highest rate of community spread in the nation and Green Bay also ranks near the top in communities experiencing community spread.
“This is a matter of public safety not politics.  It is simply not safe to hold a rally at this time, especially one where we know people will not be taking the necessary steps to keep themselves and others safe.”
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