For Immediate Release
Contact: Senator Dan Feyen

MADISON- Senator Dan Feyen (R-Fond du Lac) released the following statement on Governor Tony Evers’ 2020 State of the State Address:

“Wisconsin continues to stand on solid financial footing thanks to more than a decade of responsible, common-sense reforms. These reforms have allowed us to put meaningful investments in our top priorities, putting more than 500 million new dollars into K-12 education, adding $465 million in additional transportation funding, and increasing Wisconsinites access to internet by expanding broadband grants and allowing 5G technology.

Because of the legislature’s commitment to smaller, smarter government, we were able to accomplish this while making sure Wisconsin taxpayers are keeping more of their hard-earned paychecks, cutting taxes by more than $500 million for middle-class families.

The Governor has announced that he plans to call special sessions in the coming days. The legislature is a co-equal branch of government and it is not the Governor’s job to call the legislature into special session to push his policy positions that are half baked.

In 2020, I plan to continue my work with colleagues across the aisle to advance impactful legislation for the benefit of all Wisconsinites. In fact, since taking office in 2016, every bill I authored that passed received bipartisan support. I welcome the opportunity to work with the Governor, not through letters, but face-to-face. As Assistant Majority Leader, my door is always open and I am willing to work with any elected official regardless of their party.

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