Madison, WI — State Senator David Craig (R-Town of Vernon) along with Senators Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield), Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) and Representative Joe Sanfelippo (R-New Berlin) launched the “Tougher on Crime” initiative to address the growing problem of violence, gun crimes, and property crimes in our communities:

“The goal of the ‘Tougher on Crime’ initiative is to make Wisconsin safer by ensuring that criminals are not emboldened by a justice system that is not taking violent crime seriously enough,” said Sen. Craig. “The initiative is aimed at violent, repeat offenders who continue to slip through the cracks in the justice system and go on to commit serious crimes.”

The “Tougher on Crime” initiative is a legislative effort to reform deficiencies in the current criminal justice system and get tougher on crime. Here are some highlights of the package:

Transparent Justice Act: Senate Bill 301 expands CCAP to enhance the public’s ability to see full court records from arrest to final disposition. It creates a database searchable by judge or DA.

Expansion of Serious Juvenile Offender Program: LRB-4469 expands the number of felonies under which violent juveniles can be adjudicated in this enhanced system.

Revocation of probation/parole for new crime: LRB-4458 requires the Department of Corrections to recommend revoking a person’s extended supervision, parole, or probation if the person is charged with a new crime while on supervision.

Limiting Early Release and Probation: LRB-5321 requires that persons who have committed certain violent crimes may not be discharged early from probation or early release.

Expansion of DOJ’s collection of crime data: LRB-4465 expands the information collected on crimes committed with a firearm or through the manufacture, distribution, or delivery of any controlled substance, and the theft of motor vehicles. 

“As elected officials we need to focus state resources on addressing the criminal, repeat offenders who violate our current laws and endanger our communities. The judges and DAs who do not take these laws seriously must also be held accountable,” said Sen Craig.

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