Christian Saldivar says he’s running to have someone who is “active and hands-on” representing his community in the Assembly.

In an interview with he argued his opponent, 9th AD incumbent Rep. Marisabel Cabrera, D-Milwaukee, did not take the time to get to know district residents and hasn’t done her job as a lawmaker full-time.

Saldivar, 30, is a caregiver who says he has spent the last three years caring for a relative who suffered a serious workplace accident.

“We need a representative that does this position full time,” he said. “And I’ve noticed that the incumbent wasn’t doing that.”

Cabrera gained her seat in 2018. She won that year’s primary against Josh Zepnick with 63.9 percent of the vote.

She canceled her interviews with and didn’t respond to requests to reschedule.

Saldivar also slammed Cabrera for being one of only two lawmakers to vote against a COVID-19 special session relief bill in April. He said his ZIP code — 53215 — has been one of the hardest-hit areas in the state from the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, and her “no” vote is what “really solidified” his decision to run.

He said he regularly meets voters in his district who have never met Cabrera, even though she’s been in office for nearly two years.

In February Saldivar placed fourth in the five-way primary for Milwaukee’s 8th aldermanic district with 11.2 percent of the vote.

Whoever wins today’s race will face GOP candidate Veronica Diaz in the November election.

Listen to Saldivar’s interview:

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