Madison, WI – Kelda Roys confirmed today that she will run for the open State Senate district being vacated by the retiring Sen. Fred Risser.

“We celebrate and thank Sen. Risser for his many decades of service,” Roys said. ”I’ve had the privilege of knowing him since I was a young girl, and then serving with him in the legislature, where we finally passed a statewide smoking ban, worked to expand healthcare access to WIsconsinites, and defended constitutional principles of equal protection and due process. His public service legacy is unmatched, and I wish him and Nancy many wonderful trips and bike rides in the years to come.

“To preserve Wisconsin’s future, we need effective, progressive leadership in this critical State Senate seat. In the midst of this global pandemic, the moral and economic necessity of healthcare for all, paid family and sick leave, student debt relief, and fair wages and taxation is even more urgent. We face a rapidly warming planet, right-wing assaults on our freedom, attacks on public education, and persistent and systemic racial injustice. Each of these problems are made worse because of the corruption in our political system, corruption that allows billionaires and big corporations to bend our government to their will, at our literal expense.

“Yet despite our significant challenges, I am filled with hope about what we can do together, because our future depends on it. During this pandemic, we’ve seen thousands of people in our community risk themselves every day to help others get groceries, access health services, or care for children. Our community is strong because we care for each other, and because we work together. As your next state senator, I pledge to do all I can to advance progressive Democratic values, build a strong Democratic majority, and solve our challenges together.”

A Madison native, Kelda Roys, 40, is a former State Representative, attorney, and small business owner. She ran for governor of Wisconsin in 2018, and she helped lead the opposition to Act 10, Scott Walker’s 2010 attack on unions. Roys and her husband, Dan Reed, live in the 26th Senate District with their four girls.

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