WAUWATOSA — Today, State Representative Robyn Vining (Assembly District 14) implores people to be heroes and vote.


As Americans, we vote for our values, and we vote for our communities. As such, it’s important to recognize that for our votes to count in this extraordinary year, early voting by mail, early in-person absentee voting and day-of voting will all play an integral part in preserving our democracy.


Please be aware that if you are quarantined for COVID-19 on or after October 20th, you could miss in person voting altogether. Fight for your right to have your voice heard. Be a Hero and vote early to ensure your vote is counted.


Rep. Vining wants individuals and families living in her district to know that she knows you will fight for your values, and she wants you to know that she wants to keep your voice in Madison, fighting for you.

To learn more about why your neighbors vote, please watch them tell you:


To learn more about early voting by mail, please watch this instructional video:


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