Madison, WI – Representative Rob Swearingen (R-Rhinelander) attended a historic occasion with President Donald J. Trump at a White House event on the South Lawn for the Rollback of Regulations Helping All Americans as well as reinforcing the Initiative on Regulatory Innovation. This initiative started in October 2019, led by Vice President Mike Pence, aims to cut regulations and costs, advance occupational licensing reform, and better align state and federal regulations.

“President Trump’s leadership has led to historic deregulation since he took office and his
efforts rolled back unnecessary red tape that has put a tremendous burden on not only us in the Northwoods, but also the entire state of Wisconsin and country, which stifled economic growth during previous administrations. More importantly, the sixteen pieces of deregulation legislation signed by the President are expected to increase annual real incomes by more than $40 billion, and these efforts are estimated to save American households $3,100 each year,” said Rep.Swearingen.

Furthermore, this initiative is working with a bipartisan group of state, local, and tribal leaders from across the country in increasing accountability and transparency at Federal agencies to stop the costly administrative abuse that hurts American families, small businesses and offering real benefits in our daily lives.

“As a small business owner myself, I fully support President Trump’s efforts to put people
over paperwork by cutting red tape which saves small businesses from wasting time and
money on compliance costs. Also, deregulation lifts the burden of overregulation when it
comes to infrastructure, manufacturing, industry, farming and everyday lives. Additionally,
thanks to the Trump administration’s regulatory reform, they’ve worked to expand affordable healthcare options through association health plans, short-term plans, and health reimbursement arrangements. This is incredibly important for the Northwoods with our aging population,” concluded Rep. Swearingen.

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